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About Us

Trinity Cymbals was founded by me, Joseph Feinstein. I have been a bronze expert and musical instrument craftsman for decades. I got my first drumset and cymbals in 1982. I started repairing instruments professionally in 1990. Throughout the 90's, I worked in fabrication and manufacturing in multiple industries. In 1998, I returned to my first love, bronze. I began importing and manufacturing handmade bronze instruments including cymbals, gongs, bells and singing bowls. I was one of the main gong importers in 2000 and have remained the singing bowl leader from 2000 until today. My other website, Himalayan Bowls, is widely regarded as the #1 singing bowl website.

In 2018, after years of preparation, I opened Trinity Cymbals in Weaverville, California. Trinity Cymbals' mission is to offer the best quality cymbals possible, while keeping the 1,000 year tradition alive. We operate a 5,000 square foot headquarters and a separate cymbal shop with our local metal fabricators. Our USA made products will become available in 2021. Our main factory is located in Northern China, in the town where cymbals have been made for centuries. Unlike other products that are outsourced to China, cymbals were invented in China and our factory continues the unbroken tradition. We make each cymbal by hand, tune each cymbal for the best sound and maintain quality control for durability and reliability. We offer the best cymbals in the world, made with traditional methods and modern designs.

Trinity Cymbals was founded out of my lifelong passion for drumming and connection with musical bronze. Bronze is the best sounding metal in the world. I love the sound and feel of bronze, especially when playing nice cymbals. It is my life's work to develop these instruments and work with the artisans who hammer away bringing them to life. Heat, Metal, Heart: that's our Trinity. 

Back in 1998, I was the first person to record percussion instruments for the internet. I have always preferred to sell direct to consumer. Trinity Cymbals allows you to buy factory direct. You save considerably for top quality cymbals, handmade from the best B20 bronze. We still use hammers and mechanical techniques - no CNC machines and every cymbal is individually tuned for the best sound. 

When I was buying cymbals myself many years ago, I used to carry a heavy stack of cymbals to music stores to find the right sound. I would try to hear how the tones interacted and make sure my new cymbals sounded right with my old cymbals. I know other drummers do the same thing. I also offer this service for drummers buying our cymbals. You can match tones on the website or we can make you a custom set. Tone is important for your cymbals. Whether you want a distinctive and unique sound, want to match a certain cymbal sound or you are trying to get a certain tuning for your music, Trinity Cymbals lets you hear hundreds of cymbals and choose exactly the tones you like.

The Trinity Cymbals website has powerful features to compare and shop for cymbals. It is the original website where you can listen to every individual cymbal in easy, interactive galleries. All of our cymbals are brand new. We sell other products and are an authorized dealer of every product we sell. All products are sold with the original manufacturer's warranty and are represented accurately on this site. Recorded instruments have been played minimally, for recording purposes only. As an independent music store, we follow the "minimum advertised price" rules established by our suppliers. We can match prices if you see a better deal. Please contact us with any questions.

Cymbals are musical, too. You deserve to choose your personal sound, to match your cymbals by how they sound together, and to match your cymbal tone to the music you play. We represent each cymbal individually with a pro quality recording. We use professional quality audio equipment in our quiet recording room, so you can hear high quality, accurate audio recordings for every single cymbal. There is no digital manipulation or audio effects of any kind, so you hear a completely transparent recording of every cymbal. They are recorded with very clear preamps (Universal Audio) and a very sensitive small diaphragm condensor mic (Neumann type). This makes the tone very transparent, not "warmed up" and with no frequencies removed. This allows you to hear all the frequencies of the cymbals - listen with headphones to hear the real sounds.

Listen with headphones to hear the exact sounds. You will receive the exact cymbals in the recording. We hand package each order and ship them promptly from our headquarters in Northern California. Our automated system is very high tech. You can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal. We also offer an interest free payment plan by Klarna. Credit cards are processed securely and automatically by Authorize.net. No human ever sees your credit card number and you can only be charged for the order you submit. Our system does not retain payment information and we never share personal information. We use your address only to ship your orders. We never mail anything else and never share personal information of any kind. Please see the privacy page for more details. 

If you are ever traveling through Northern California, please pay us a visit. Trinity Cymbals is located in the historic town of Weaverville, California. Nestled in the foothills of one of the country’s largest wilderness areas, we offer our bronze instruments as well as drums, guitars, other musical instruments and accessories.

We are here to help you get your tone. Thank you for supporting our independent small business and helping us keep America great. Rock on!

Please contact us if you have any questions and please enjoy the sounds!

Thank you, 

Joseph Feinstein

Founder, Trinity Cymbals

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    8" Trinity Heavy Splash
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