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Cymbal Music

Cymbals do much more than make a loud "crash." They are musical instruments and they make specific musical sounds. People don't think of cymbal music because the notes sound all mixed together. But every cymbal is musical in its own way. You can hear it when you listen to several cymbals next to each other, like here on Cymbal Choice. There's endless tones because slight variations in the weight, hammering and finishing will change the sound. Since cymbals vary a lot in their sound, it's your choice to get the sound you want for your music! That's the great thing about cymbals - you have a wide range of options and possibilities.

With Cymbal Choice, you get your sound, every time. We record every cymbal so you can listen and choose the exact tones you like. Whether you want to combine several cymbals and make a set that sounds great together, or you just need 1 cymbal to fill in your tone, Cymbal Choice has you covered. You can listen to every individual cymbal and choose your perfect tone. Listen with headphones to hear the real sounds. 

About Our Cymbal Recordings

Click on the Listen buttons to hear a sound recording of the actual cymbals for sale. We record every cymbal with professional audio gear so you can hear what each cymbal really sounds like. Of course the cymbals sound better in person, but we give you a baseline recording so you can get an idea of the fundamental tone and all the harmonic overtones. You can hear the attack of each cymbal and how the sound decays. Listen with headphones to hear the real sounds. We record them with industry standard mic preamps and one small condensor microphone which is very transparent. There is no audio processing or digital effects whatsoever. The recordings are very simple and transparent, so you can hear what the cymbal really sounds like. 

Combining Cymbals

Click on the menus at the top of the page to view the cymbals for sale. You can listen to each cymbal in the subcategories and click each product for more details. Use the Compare feature to select your favorite cymbals, then click Compare to listen to them side by side. Listen to how the cymbals sound together. Some will sound nice and in tune together, others will clash in various ways. How you combine your cymbals will become part of your musical sound. Do you like a very deep and warm sound or sharp and higher tones? Do you want a range of pitches that sound in tune or do you like a more wild and rocking sound? There are exotic sounding cymbals, clean sounding cymbals and many variations in tone. 

At the more basic level, you can combine by size and get a good range for most kinds of music.

A good kid's set is 13" hihats, 15" crash, 18" ride. A good entry level set may be slightly larger sizes, 13" hihats, 16" crash, 20" ride. More advanced drummers will begin to explore more sizes and various types of cymbals, like splash and holey cymbals. Depending on the musical style or venue, you may want smaller or larger sizes. Cymbals also vary a lot by the weight and more advanced drummers may want to consider light or heavy weight.

Cymbal Basics

Hihats to keep the beat with both your hands and one foot. Hihats require a special stand to operate them together and make the special "chick" sound. 

Ride cymbals are generally larger and heavier and are also used to keep the beat. Most drummers use 1 ride cymbal. Many like to have 2 for tonal options or to ride with 2 hands. Some drummers have 3 or more ride cymbals to have maximum flexibility and tonal options. They don't necessarily use all of them, but will swap them out depending on the song.

Crash cymbals are accent cymbals used to punctuate music and are essential to any drum kit. They do what they promise and make a loud crashing sound. There is a surprisingly wide variety of crash tones available. The sound of the crash cymbals can make a real statement and define your tone. 

Crash / Rides are less common, but actually most cymbals are a crash / ride. Any cymbal of decent weight can be used to both ride and crash but these cymbals do both very well. They are generally medium size, medium heavy weight and useful in a lot of situations.

Splash cymbals are small crashes that have a slightly different tone. They are generally higher pitched, have a short decay and whimsical sound.

Holey cymbals have been compromised with holes which make them sound uniquely raw and raucous. They are also called "trash" cymbals because they got their start from broken cymbals that drummers kept for the unique sounds caused by cracks and other damage.

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  1. 8 Trinity Heavy Splash
    8" Trinity Heavy Splash
    Price: $49.95
    Condition: New
    Type: Splash
    Item #: T08005

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